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ulumI am a designer with a bachelor degree from the Faculty of Letter Jember University, Indonesia. I love everything related to art and design. I enjoy creating beautiful and smart designs which is what I have been doing for over 20 years now. For me, the most important factor in being successful in what you do is to have a devotion and passion for it.

My love for design and art dates back to my childhood. I was always running around with my sketchbook and drawing things from my imagination. With every sketch I saw a chance to improve and learned that it’s the details and the meaning that differentiate it from the ordinary.

That is why I became a graphic designer. I saw it as a chance to design something beautiful with meaning. The years of studying brand identity were great and I learned a lot about the history of symbols and icons and how to do professional branding. After I got my bachelor degree I started working as a manager in an education firm, it was a nice job at that time, but there was always that little something that was missing.

I missed the freedom to choose my projects and how to execute them independently. Working in a firm meant being bound by strict rules, which sometimes lacked creativity. I wanted to fill this creativity gap and I started to work on graphic design related projects in my free time. At the beginning, it wasn’t much, but it was fun.

Then at some point, I tried to make my own graphic company After the first project I knew I found a great platform to express my creativity. Today I am fully dedicated to graphic design and I finally do what I love. Isn’t that what is called a dream job?